I’m back


If you guys dont remember me i was behind all the crazy shit that was posted on the old blog called househeaven, i missed blogging so much that i decided to get back on the horse and i’ll try to guide you guys in the current 2010 beatport djungle that we’re facing today with a zillion releases reaching the digital market every second, not exactly, but atleast you get my point. lol. Anyways, today i decided to start off fresh with some really heavy tracks that are gaining a lot of support from me lately. I hope you will enjoy them, please comment and tell me what you like.

Sandro Silva – Blaze (Jayvin Mena Remix) [DIM MAK Records]

I’ll start off with a giant monster, trust me, it’s just that type of song that will make your lungs twist and form a triangle. I’m really impressed by the production, its both good and scary at the same time. I’d say this is the perfect intro track for any set.

Congorock – Babylon (Original Mix/Dub Mix) [Fool’s Gold Records]

This track is so heavy, the production style is pretty similar to the Jayvin Mena Remix as mentioned above. Released on A-Trak’s own label Fool’s Gold it has already been supported by big names such as Steve Angello, rumours floating around on the internet saying he will released his until now very exclusive edit, you can listen to it here. If you ask me i’m guessing he’ll just keep it to himself, but you never know.

Sandro Silva – Told Ya (Apster Remix) [DIM MAK Records]

This track is a bit dirter than the rest i posted, but it’s just not the typical bleep-bleep-bleep that you sometimes expect coming from the Netherlands. This shit is actually dope fresh, big support coming from the dirty dutch main man Chuckie.

Austin Leeds – Rubadub (Original Mix) [Spinnin Records]

When i first heard this track in Avicii’s WMC Set i knew this track was gonna hit hard, i’ve been waiting a while for this. Big support!

Kicking this night off with some funky crookers beats!

Stay tuned for some exclusive clips, upcoming tracks and interesting gems!



One Response to “I’m back”

  1. 1 Jay

    Nice to have you back, mate!

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