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Dennis Ferrer playing his upcoming smasher “Red Room”, soon out on Objectivity. I’m guessing this will be next weeks essential new tune. I can’t wait for it! Advertisements

Here’s a fresh free bootleg package from the french superstar producer Tristan Garner, there’s actually a couple of tracks inside that i’ve been looking for a while. I really recommend the “Circle Of Friends” remix that actually never got released, and ofcourse you can’t forget about the epic “Super Hey Hey” bootleg. Quality tracks, considering […]

While i was out looking for the release for the track i was on about in the previous post i found this new mix cd put together by the witch doctor himself, Erick Morillo. There are some really interesting tracks on this CD and it’s definietly something i would recommend to anyone reading my blog. […]

One of the most amazing tech house producers out there, Ramon Tapia, recently put this set out for free download on his soundcloud and i gotta say, i cant stop dancing to it. With some very intersting unsigned and upcoming tracks in the tracklist there should be something for everyone out there, if you like […]

slammin’ tech


Today i’m gonna give you guys a couple of my favourite tech/techno gems, i’ll try to keep to keep posting soundcloud clips in the future, but it seems like some of the biggest producers out there are trying not to put them out there for some reason. Anyways, enjoy and please write down a comment. […]

I’m back


If you guys dont remember me i was behind all the crazy shit that was posted on the old blog called househeaven, i missed blogging so much that i decided to get back on the horse and i’ll try to guide you guys in the current 2010 beatport djungle that we’re facing today with a […]