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Here’s a fresh free bootleg package from the french superstar producer Tristan Garner, there’s actually a couple of tracks inside that i’ve been looking for a while. I really recommend the “Circle Of Friends” remix that actually never got released, and ofcourse you can’t forget about the epic “Super Hey Hey” bootleg. Quality tracks, considering […]

I found this very awesome high quality footage of Axwell playing some very new tracks that i think you guys are gonna like, the audio is great so you should really check this video if you want to hear the new re-mode on “nothing but love for you”, i’m guessing this won’t be released anytime […]

Here’s a little sneakpreview of the fourthcoming remix from Congorock coming on Swedish House Mafia’s own label. I believe it was Steve Angello who got it signed, since he’s already up for release on Congorock’s latest single “Babylon”. You can find a sample of the track here. Sorry i’ve been very busy lately, but i […]

What’s up guys? So, basicly i was gonna make a top ten mix but i just got really tired and got caught up with something else. Well, here’s some tracks i’ve been spinning a lot lately, i hope you guys enjoy my mix and if you like it i’ll put up some more mixes soon […]

Axwell, the man himself said on his forum that the recently leaked version wasn’t gonna be the one that eventually will be released later this year on Axtone. In this amateur clip shot in Cream2, Germany Axwell plays a different version of the track we’ve all heard before. Better or worse? I’ve got the old […]

Google tricked you guys this time, there are no free downloads to find in here, but you’ll find some very cool previews of upcoming tracks that hopefully will be released in the near future. If you know any exact release date of any track listed, please put up a comment. Stay tuned for more exclusive […]